Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Memory Nest: Pouty Girl

This is my last share with The Memory Nest design team but I will keep using their sketches to create, because they are so easy to use! Thanks again ladies for having me. 

My oldest recently turned 10. Wow! Double digits! I took the picture below of her and her sisters and when I zoomed into her face I was immediately reminded of a picture taken shortly after her birth. My pouty girl still makes the same face, 10 years later! 

She also approached her dad and I yesterday saying that most 10 year olds have a cell phone and could she have one. When she figures out a way to pay for it, she can ask again. She's pretty smart so I'm guessing she'll have a proposal presented soon. 

Here's the sketch! Go play!!!

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  1. I just LOVE this page!! The theme is adorable as are the pictures!!! Thank you for sharing your creations with us last month!! Again, I apologize for just stopping by!!


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