Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stick it Down: We Were Here

These pictures have been with me since Aubie was just about two years old.  She had a fever the night before, but a dose of ibuprofen and she was fine the next morning. Or so I thought.  Daycare called me and said her fever as 104.5°C so I left work and took her right to the hospital where she had a seizure in the waiting room. The doctor and nurses were so quick to get her into a room and hooked up to all sorts of monitors and whatnot. It was a scary moment as a mom, all I could do was stroke her hair and whisper in her ear while the tears streamed down my face. My mother-in-law works there and I had asked for her to be paged when we registered, so she found us in the room with three nurses working over her and was shocked. Once it was all over, she just had a nice long sleep to rest. I called my husband at work, just because I wanted him there with us and it was so helpful in the end. His iPad saved the day, she was really working hard to get her IV out and the blood pressure cuff off, but playing with the tot games and taking pictures helped her cope.

All that because of a nasty ear infection - these third children really throw a parent a curve ball!

Here is the sketch and I hope you play along with us at Stick it Down!

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  1. We had a similar adventure at the hospital when Maya was little. So scary!!!! I think it is super hard on us Moms when our wee ones are sick and things are totally out of our control!!

    A fantastic double though Darcy! Good to document all of the memories!!


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