Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sketch~N~Scrap #54: Gone Fishing!

It is so hard to believe we have entered the fourth month of the year.  While technically spring, we are still very deep in snow here.  My girls were running around the house in their bathing suits this past weekend.  They echo the sentiments of most of the adults, they too, are ready for the snow to be gone!

Since we moved here the summer of 2011, my girls have embraced the winter because of the ice fishing.  It is really great that we are so close to so much water.  In fact, my girls and my husband are going to be building their own shack this summer.  I say their shack because the more they are on the ice, the more time I can have in my cave!  I will go out every so often because it is fun to see their reactions when that bait gets taken!

This is from March Break two years ago, probably the first time my girls had gone ice fishing.

The sketch will be up all month at Sketch N Scrap so come on over and play!

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