Friday, July 19, 2013

A new challenge site!

I love this type of challenge where you get to pick what you would like to do!

I copied this right from their blog so I didn't mess up any of the information!

Welcome to 1 2 3 Get Scrappy!

We are a new challenge blog for scrapbookers.


~ On the 10th of each month we will post a board similar to tic tac toe or bingo. There will be 3 rows across, and 3 rows down. Each space will have a crafty object/technique listed.

~ To enter our challenges, you must use 3 in a row. You may use across, down or diagonal. Yes, you may have other elements to your page(s). It doesn't just have to be the 3 things from our challenge. But, you need to list your 3 Get Scrappy elements you used.

~ You may enter each month's challenge up to 3 times.

~ You may include as many other challenges (from other challenge blogs) as you'd like. For example, if you use a sketch from another challenge blog and then use 3 in a row here on the same creation, that is totally fine!

~ You must link back to 1 2 3 Get Scrappy! in your blog post.

~ Link your blog post that associates with our challenge, please do not link back to your blog in general.

~ With only 1 challenge a month, you have more time to create. I know when I'm making pages, sometimes by the time I get it made for a challenge, the challenge is over! Ugh. :)

~ Have fun! We want to be a fun place to visit. I mean look, you are playing a game every time you visit 1 2 3 Get Scrappy! So, have fun with it and share with us what you create!

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