Friday, February 10, 2012

Worst mom award.

Thursday nights is Laura's Sparks. I don't know why, but I can never remember what time it starts. It was 5 after six last night when I realized that Sparks starts at six. Dan tried to get her there, but the doors were locked and he couldn't get anyone's attention. Laura was devastated. It is her favourite activity of the week.

I came home to find this on the calendar! I hope it works better than the texts my phone sends me!


  1. Oh Darcy, you are not the worst mom! We all have times like this. I forgot to take Matt to a birthday party once.....we had even purchased the present. He got over it and now he thinks I am the coolest. It all works out.

  2. I often think I've signed them up for too much when I can't remember what day & what time... I almost dropped off Emma a week early for an acro class cause I had the wrong day...I've sent lunches on hot lunch day etc... I like to think we make up for it some other way... Sharing our craft with our crafty daughters...

  3. I read the title, looked at the picture, and mistook the 'r' for an 'n'. Oops. You're doing just fine.


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