Saturday, September 3, 2011

first couple of weeks..

My family and I have been living at with our in-laws in various numbers since July 1st.  We have been making the trip between here and our old house to pack up and get it fixed up and ready to sell.  The new owners take possession soon, but we don't get our new house here until November!

Dan has been working at his new job since the beginning of July and he is really enjoying it.  He is learning new ways to apply his knowledge every day.

I started my new job on August 22.  It is a little different in that I will be working in two different locations, one a retail pharmacy and the other packing medications for long term care.

Aubrielle started daycare on the 22nd as well and she is really doing well there.  They have her started on writing her letters already.  She has decided that she is done with diapers and is working on being toilet trained.

Oceane starts school this year.  It's very hard on me because I think three is too young!  She is not really into writing her name.  She does the "O" and that's pretty much it.  She says that is what we call her so that is what she will write.  Good luck to her teacher.  O meets her teacher on Wednesday and then goes all day on Thursday, Monday and Wednesday with half of her class.  She starts full time with the whole class that Friday.

Laura is starting grade one and is absolutely thrilled she will have her own desk.  She wants one for her new room too.  She is adamant that she wants to have her own room in the new house.  On Tuesday, I will be able to take Aubs to daycare and then stay with Laura until her bell rings.

The big girls will go to Aubie's daycare after school and I will pick them all up together which makes it very easy for me before and after school.  Same pick up and drop off for all!

Laura and O went to daycamp here during the summer.  They really liked it and they had a new theme day each and every day!

Laura on clown day.  She reminds me of Lynette from Big Comfy Couch!
Another cute little clown!

One night after work, I picked Aubie up from daycare and we came home to huge puddles...the girls minus Laura were in heaven!