Sunday, June 19, 2011

I know it's Father's Day.

However, this post is for the moms!  Do you still have a child(ren) using diapers, pullups or wipes?  Do you use Pampers products?

We have been using Pampers since Laura was born on May 31, 2005.  Two daughters later and that's a lot of diapers and wipes!!  Each bag comes with a little code that I have faithfully been entering at 

With those points that have accumulated, I have gotten lots of free pictures developed from  I have cashed in my points to use there whenever I have had enough!  Today, I just spent enough points to allow me to get 400 4x6's delivered here.  I'm currently in the process of uploading and editing these pictures.  I have until Sept 30th though.  I will definitely have them finished and delivered in time for my scrapbook retreat in October!

I guess my point is, if you have to buy diapers and wipes, you may as well get something in return.  Something other than a dirty, stinky diaper!


  1. Good for you! I guess I'll be collecting those points in the not too distant future again!

  2. My diaper days are over, but good for you!


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