Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Any advice?

Océane has been pretty sick since Monday night. Dan stayed home with her yesterday and tried to get her an appointment with our family doctor. They were closed until 2pm and when he finally spoke to someone there he could only get 9:10 this morning.
We decided she couldn't wait that long and he took her to the hospital last night. She has an ear infection, strep throat and chest congestion. She also won't take medicine. Every time we try she throws up. We've been keeping her fever down with, well, you know. Her antibiotics con't go that route.
Any advice? I put the dose in some chocolate milk but it's not going down either!
The nurse at the hospital said she could get the Tylenol down and she, too, was rewarded for her efforts!

Look at how swollen my girl is. Poor thing!!

I tried the chewable Tylenol this morning and those came up as well.


  1. Oh my Darcy, poor little girl! Doesnt it break your heart!

  2. Your poor baby girl! I hope she's feeling much better!


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