Friday, April 1, 2011

Update on us..

Aubrielle is finally starting to feel better after her first ear infection.  We are on the second run of antibiotics for it, so hopefully this is will do the trick and she will be finished with it!  She missed her first swimming lesson of this session this week because of it.  I didn't want to chance getting water in her ears and her being more uncomfortable than she already was.

Oceane is Oceane.  I think the spring"ish" weather has renewed her love of princess dresses.  Either that or seeing Laura in her dress for her Princess Tea Party at Sparks did it.  She is living in them when we are at home.  I draw the line in letting her wear them to daycare.

The first thing Laura said to me when I picked them up tonight was "I don't feel well".  She has a sore throat and is only whispering because she says it hurts.  Hopefully, the ibuprofen, water and a good nights sleep will be enough to cure it!

Jake was kind enough to also be sick today.  Nothing like coming home to him having an accident.  He tries so hard to get outside.  He had this happen before and my neighbours had to help him because he got himself stuck in a window trying to get out.  He shredded the screen and was on the window ledge, but he was afraid to jump and he couldn't figure out how to get back inside.  This time he shredded the grocery bags hanging on the back door.  I guess he was trying to open it or something.  Anyway, I had the windows open for a while after I cleaned it up, and it's a bit chilly but so nice in here!

Dan left me a message yesterday to say he landed in Mexico City and he'd call me later.  He's not altogether excited about being there, but they were already in the plant yesterday afternoon so they are hard at work.  I just hope he stays safe.

Me?  I'm just tired, it's going to be an interesting two weeks.  I took the girls swimming last night.  Laura and O did really well, I think.  It was hard to pay attention to them while chasing Aubie around!

Here's a picture from Laura's Princess Tea Party at Sparks.


  1. I hope Laura feels better soon! She looks adorable in her princess dress!


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