Saturday, April 23, 2011

Aubie's first timeout.

Aubrielle's newest fascination is climbing the dining room chairs. She is following in O's footsteps to become a climber.
Today, she wouldn't get down when I asked her to. I asked her if she wanted a timeout and she nodded her head. She got down off the chair and went to the corner. Unfortunately, Océane was already there for taking daddy's gum. That didn't stop Aubie though. She pulled O's hair to make her move.


  1. Omigosh! That made me laugh out loud!!! Your girls are just too funny!
    Joanne xo

  2. I know she is in trouble but seriously, could this be any cuter!

  3. She was jealous of O and wanted the same treatment...
    ....You just have to laugh sometimes...not when they can see you though.


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