Friday, April 29, 2011

One done!

Shelby, Jenny and I are in Grand Bend Scrapbooking with about 70 other ladies. This biannual retreat is organized by two scrapbook friends in Waterloo. It is a great time every year.
I've completed my first layout and I'm working on the next!

Monday, April 25, 2011


The girls enjoyed their deserts tonight!  We gave them their whole chocolate and said, "you have three minutes, eat what you can!"  Laura understood that and ate a bunch.  Océane was too busy watching Aubie eat hers to make a dent in her Hulk.  Aubie, however, was not too happy at the three minute mark.

Enjoying her first bites of her Hulk chocolate.

Looks like miss Laura is already in a chocolate haze!

mmmmm, one happy chocolatey girl!

Keep talking dad, I do not know what three minutes is!

You want to do what with my chocolate?

No way, pops!  Get your own!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I'm sure there will be a million and one blog posts about this today, but here is our version!  It didn't even start out that early.  Laura woke up around 8am and ran directly to the living room.  She was more excited over the bubbles than the chocolate.  Darned Easter bunny!  Mommy hates bubbles!!!
They started the egg hunt, but Aubrielle quickly realized it was more fun to eat then search!  Laura and Océane were very happy with their Hulk chocolates, they love super heroes and Hulk is their "most favourite ever!"
I guess I should have put Aubie's hair up for the photo opportunity, but her 'do' covers the bruises!
Very happy to be finding eggs!
Leading the way in egg collection!
See the sneaky look in her eyes?  She knows she's going to get caught!
This is a very happy girl!
This is what happens when the chocolate gets put away :(

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Aubie's first timeout.

Aubrielle's newest fascination is climbing the dining room chairs. She is following in O's footsteps to become a climber.
Today, she wouldn't get down when I asked her to. I asked her if she wanted a timeout and she nodded her head. She got down off the chair and went to the corner. Unfortunately, Océane was already there for taking daddy's gum. That didn't stop Aubie though. She pulled O's hair to make her move.

Could you sleep like this?

While Dan was away in Mexico, the girls starting sharing O's bed again.  I'd start them out at opposite ends of the bed, but always found them like this when I checked on them before I went to bed. 

It's here!

Just in time for the scrapbook retreat!  I love having new goodies to play with :)

If you remember, I won a prize at My Sketch World for their February sketch-a-thon.  It took a while for the prize to arrive because the company didn't ship to my address.  They had to ship it to the blog owner, who in turn, sent it on to me!  It was well worth the wait.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My 100th post!

While Dan is away, the wife will play!  I had already planned to scrap last Saturday with a nice group of women whom I've met at various scrap events.  I really didn't want to miss it, so I got a sitter for the girls and went.  I had a great time.  I will admit, I didn't do a whole of scrapping - I was too busy talking!  I did, however, do the April product challenge from Two Scrapbook Friends.  I think I am going to go and buy another kit for Laura to do if there are any left.

Oh my goodness, look at baby O!  Was she really ever that small?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Update on us..

Aubrielle is finally starting to feel better after her first ear infection.  We are on the second run of antibiotics for it, so hopefully this is will do the trick and she will be finished with it!  She missed her first swimming lesson of this session this week because of it.  I didn't want to chance getting water in her ears and her being more uncomfortable than she already was.

Oceane is Oceane.  I think the spring"ish" weather has renewed her love of princess dresses.  Either that or seeing Laura in her dress for her Princess Tea Party at Sparks did it.  She is living in them when we are at home.  I draw the line in letting her wear them to daycare.

The first thing Laura said to me when I picked them up tonight was "I don't feel well".  She has a sore throat and is only whispering because she says it hurts.  Hopefully, the ibuprofen, water and a good nights sleep will be enough to cure it!

Jake was kind enough to also be sick today.  Nothing like coming home to him having an accident.  He tries so hard to get outside.  He had this happen before and my neighbours had to help him because he got himself stuck in a window trying to get out.  He shredded the screen and was on the window ledge, but he was afraid to jump and he couldn't figure out how to get back inside.  This time he shredded the grocery bags hanging on the back door.  I guess he was trying to open it or something.  Anyway, I had the windows open for a while after I cleaned it up, and it's a bit chilly but so nice in here!

Dan left me a message yesterday to say he landed in Mexico City and he'd call me later.  He's not altogether excited about being there, but they were already in the plant yesterday afternoon so they are hard at work.  I just hope he stays safe.

Me?  I'm just tired, it's going to be an interesting two weeks.  I took the girls swimming last night.  Laura and O did really well, I think.  It was hard to pay attention to them while chasing Aubie around!

Here's a picture from Laura's Princess Tea Party at Sparks.