Monday, February 21, 2011

My first accordian flower!

I am flower challenged!  However, I followed a tutorial by Sharon over at the Two Scrapbook Friends forum and it was easy to make this accordian flower!!
These layouts and cards are part of the sketch-a-thon going on over at My Sketch World.  I have now completed 15/20 sketches.  Hopefully, by the weekend I will be done!
I love the look on O's face here.  She was so happy to be eating chocolate!!
I wish this photographed better.  There are some cute pics of my dad and Laura here.

I like this card!  That's unusual for me.

I made one more card, but I wasn't into the sketch so I don't like the card and I'm not posting it here!


  1. Your layouts are great! I love your accordion flower and the look on Océane's face is the same way I feel when I eat chocolate! lol
    Joanne xo

  2. Awesome layouts and photos. WTG on the accordian flower - it looks great!


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