Sunday, February 20, 2011

A couple of firsts!

Dan was given tickets to the Sudbury Wolves vs. Kitchener Rangers game today.  Normally, he takes Laura, but I gave the Laura the option of staying home to scrapbook and she jumped all over it.  Océane is now at her first hockey game!  She is wearing Laura's jersey which is a tad too bid, as in it looks like a dress!  However, she is loving it and she will be the one you hear howling!  She's been practicing.

Just before leaving, getting ready for one last howl!

As soon as they left, Laura said, "can we go to the scrapbook store now?"   She was very sad when I told her that Two Scrapbook Friends was closed on Sunday.  She perked right up when I told her we could go downstairs to my room!  She's doing a good job although things may not quite match.  I think she wants to use a little bit of everything on her first page.  She's got lots of chalk, rub-ons and flowers!  A little overwhelming on an 8x8 page, but it is her first and she's having a great time!

working on her very first layout!



  1. can't wait to see the final result!

  2. The layout is in her book, and she is in bed. I will take a picture of her holding it tomorrow :)

  3. I hope O had a great time! It looks like Laura definitely did!


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