Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh, Saturday!

Today started like any other.  O got up and proceeded to wake the rest of us, at 6am!  I convinced her to let Dan and Laura sleep, but it was hard work on my part - threats of time outs if she went into the room!

Saturday is a busy day for us, with the girls dancing and then right to skating.  They now skate at the Cambridge Centre, which I can see being bad for my shopping urge.  Today I did pretty well, I spent less than 20$ and got O a pair of jeans, Laura a new shirt and a hat for Aubie.

We had lunch there after skating and Dan brought up the idea of getting their hair cut, since Laura has been complaining that her's is too long.  She can no longer make that complaint!  It is shorter than when she donated - and that was short enough.  They got the whole wash and cut treatment.  I think my girls might be a little high maintenance because they loved every minute of the pampering.

Aubie's new hat.  She actually leaves it on!
Laura getting her hair washed.  I thought she was going to fall asleep.   

Oceane after her wash.  She told me to go away, she was getting washed.  
Oceane is now the proud owner of bangs.  We love them!


  1. Wow Darcy, this looks so fun. I can't wait for girlly days with my Abby!

  2. Very nice they look so happy and enjoying the treatments, they are so cute.

  3. Cute pictures! You should post pictures of their new cuts!


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