Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello, 2011!

Generally, I make it a rule to never make resolutions.  This year I broke that rule and I am going to try to nag my spouse enough to start making some home repairs and to just pretty the place up a bit.  So far so good.  I have hated my front window for a long time, mainly because as soon as I'd put new blinds up, Jake would chew through the aluminum to make a hole for him to see out of.  If I remember to put them up a bit, he's usually fine, but if we are outside and he's not and he can't see us, he will make that damned hole.

So here is the before picture.  Don't mind the toys, we are still trying to find homes for everything!

The window missing the blind, he chewed so badly it wasn't even worth keeping up.

The after picture.  I really like it!  I think it gives a different feel to the place.  Jake can go up there and sit in the bay window all he wants.  I will leave them open a crack in the middle for him.  Plus they are machine washable, in case of his hair or Océane if she gets creative.
Next step, painting!
While we were putting the curtains up, Laura was busy playing away on Dan's DS.  The little girls were having so much fun.  They just went up and down the hall about a million times!

The only thing that stinks is we have a really nice curtain rod, but you can't even see it because of the overhang built in valance thing.  I think we could have gotten away with the cheap double 15.99 metal job.  Ah well, *I* know it's there, right?


  1. It looks great! We had to take down our blinds, too, because the cats kept ripping the slats off when they crawled behind them!


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