Monday, October 25, 2010

Bed time at the Lagrandeur house.

Is both my favourite and least favourite part of the day.  I love the fact that after they are in bed and it gets quiet(er).  I love the snuggling of story time and Aubrielle's last nursing for the day (hopefully!).  I'm not a fan of trying to round up three girls for the tub and getting them changed into their jammies, and brushing teeth and hair. 

One night this week after the girls had been sleeping for a bit, I was sitting in the living room and Dan went to check on them.  He said I had to go right away, which always makes me think something is wrong.  What I saw made me run for the camera!

At first it didn't seem like there was anything that I would be concerned about.  When Dan pulled back her comforter I started to laugh.  Our girls have never been the kids that sleep in odd places in odd ways.  So I finally have a funny sleeping picture of O!
Comfy cozy!
I'm not even sure how one can sleep like this!  I'm guessing she almost fell out of bed.
Or maybe she was practicing her ballet in her sleep?  Trying to get on her tippy toes?

I don't think I will get a funny sleeping picture of Laura.  She sleeps in her bed and her bed only!  Scratch that, she sleeps in O's bed and O's bed only!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October ramblings!

Yesterday morning Laura woke up early and decided to do something nice for Oceane.  She brought out the little pony set that O got for her birthday and told Dan she was going to set it up so it would be ready for O when she woke up.

Oceane woke up and Laura ran to their is what followed.
Laura: "Oceane come to the livering room, I have a surprise for you."
Me: "Where?"
Laura: "The livering room."
Me: "Where?"
Laura: "The LIVERING room."
Me: "Where?"
Laura: "Oceane, follow me."

I just love their mispronunciations of words, that I keep asking them to say it.  They now are starting to change what they are saying and depriving me of my fix!

Laura's little friend from school is named Parker and O calls him Parkener.

Oceane also says "let me alone" when she is being bugged by someone.  "Let me alone, mom!" when I'm trying to do her hair.

So far all we hear from Aubie is "mom, mom, mom" and now "dad!" and of course the screeching when there isn't food in front of her!

Oceane had her 3 year check up today.  She is 32.5lbs and 37.5inches tall!  I have to dig out last years visit, but I don't think she's gained much weight, just shot up a ton!  She also got her flu shot and wow, was I impressed.  She wouldn't look away, but she didn't know what was coming either.  All she did was say "ouch" and then "did she fix me?"  That was it though, no tears!

Laura has sparks tonight and they are meeting at a pumpkin patch.  She is beyond thrilled!  I will try to take some pictures, but parents are not encouraged to stay.  As if!

27 days until I return to work :(

Monday, October 18, 2010

The bowling party.

We took a few of O's friends bowling to celebrate her birthday.  Even with a Mia/O collision, everyone had a great time!  There are going to be some future great bowlers in this group!  
Oceane bowled a few times but then decided she'd rather dance.  We were the only people there so they gave us the option of doing "Rock and Bowl."  It was so much fun, the kids loved the fact that their clothing was glowing. 

Instead of going to the Superstore for the birthday cake, we decided go a different route this time.  Amanda Wolff, who is an 18 year old highschool student has discovered her passion.  When I saw these tie-dyed cupcakes on her blog, I knew I wanted them for O's party.  I had previously enjoyed some of Amanda's other creations, so I knew they would be delish!  Thanks so much for the cupcakes, they were so good!  
You can find Amanda at .
After her first ball.  Look at her face! 
Bowling quickly lost out to dancing.  Holden was busting a move too!
Miss Mia, who is the prime example how to bowl in style!
Wyatt put me to shame.  He beat my average.  Nuff said.
Emma's turn!  I just noticed Laura in the back ground...I hope she was cheering her on!
Kate, such a dainty bowler.
This girl is so competitive.  She was getting a little upset with herself for leaving pins standing.
Don't worry Aubrielle, your birthday is next!
Cupcakes made by Amanda Wolff.  So Yummy!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

In honour of O.

This day three years ago found us leaving for the hospital at 5:45am, we had to check in at 6am.  Laura had spent the night at my mom's house and the two of them would come to the hospital around 10am.  That is the beauty of having a scheduled C-section.  With everything that had happened with Laura's birth, the wonderful Dr. Carruthers (you either love him or hate him and I love him!) told me that most likely the same things would happen again.  He had no problem letting me try to have her naturally, but I would probably end up being exhausted from trying...with a section anyway.  Dan and I talked and he said it was my decision, so I booked the section.  If it was probably going to happen, may as well do it well rested!  Plus, it worked for the planner in me!  Dan's parents knew when to book time off work to come down to meet their newest grandbaby.

My only word of wisdom I would offer you if you are going to have major surgery.  Do not get bronchitis beforehand.  Oh man, coughing hurts after you've been cut open!  I had just gotten over coughing and had tears running down my face when the nurse came in to check on us.  She said, "oh, do we have a bit of the blues?"  Dan was just about to tell her when I started coughing again.  She ended up getting me some Tylenol #3's, she was a great nurse :)

On having a second child.  I honestly think I was in denial, right up until the moment I saw her.  Dan recorded the whole thing and the only thing you hear me say when Dr. Carruthers walked by with her was, "oh my god."  I'm not sure why it didn't sink in before that moment. 

We had a hard time agreeing on a name for her.  For the longest time it was going to be Genevieve.  However, Genevieve Elizabeth Lagrandeur seemed like such a huge name for such a little person.  Then I found Oceane on a website.  Dan sat down at the computer a night or two later and said "we have to get this girl named," so I opened the site and told him there was a name on there that I liked.  It was fate, or something, as he scrolled right to it...well after me saying no to Terese. 

At 8:27am October 16, 2007, Oceane Elizabeth Lagrandeur came into the world.  Our lives had changed for the better for the second time!  We love your spunk, your determination, your smile.  A little less of the stubbornness please, but at least you come by it honestly.  I've been told you are a mini-me!

8lbs 13oz of beautiful girl!
Laura getting to meet her sister, just two hours old.
first bath at home.  I love this picture.
just 2 weeks old on her first hallowe'en.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two turkey dinners later....

Our thanksgiving this year was extra special because it was Aubrielle's first.  We had two wonderful family dinners, here and at Dan's sister's house in Burlington.  Family and yummy food, what more could you ask for?

My brother brought his fryer for the turkey and a special treat for Oceane.  She is going to be 3 soon so we also celebrated her birthday.  Her's was the third birthday cake he's made.  She was so excited to see it.  I couldn't get my camera ready quick enough to catch her trying to lick the cake (so it's a little blurry). 

Add caption
She was thrilled!
Showing the old man how it's done.

Deep fried turkey is really good, but we sure missed the stuffing.  We've already planned to do a "just because turkey" soon!  I guess we just can't wait until Christmas.

Dinner at my SIL's house was so good!  My MIL is a great, great cook.  She made cabbage rolls to go along with the turkey.  Wow, they are just the yummiest things ever.  They are coming down the help Dan watch the kids at the end of this month and she said she'd bring me some for the freezer.  Yes, that was a huge reminder!!

I made a cake to take for dessert, for the two O's birthdays.  My nephew turned 7 the end of September, which is crazy all on it's own.  Seven years old, wow.  My cake was sadly lacking compared to my brother's creation.  There are no pictures.

We have another busy month ahead of us with activities for the girls and Oceane's birthday party.  I am in denial that she is going to be three.  If three is the new two for her, I'm not sure we'll make it!

We've decided to keep Laura in dance.  I told her she had to decide because I had to pay for the next four weeks if she wanted to stay in the class.  She asked me to pay for "a lot more than four."  I can't wait to see the year end show.  I think they will be so cute.  She's already practicing her moves at home and teaching Dan too!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Caught, but it wasn't her.

My dad gave us a mirror that I have been wanting to take outside to take some pictures with Aubie.  I practiced inside today.  I am hoping to do it this weekend in the leaf pile as it's supposed to be nice!
O has been dancing in front of this mirror ever since my dad brought it.

I set my camera on the table and went to put Aubie down for her nap.  Then I started to do the photo transfer and there were about 100 extra pictures on the card.  Oceane swears she didn't touch my camera.  I think the proof is in the picture.

I'm going to clean all those fingerprints off the mirror before I take it outside!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Aubie's first illness

The last weekend of September saw Aubrielle with a fever of 102.  We couldn't keep it under 100, but she had no other symptoms.  Telehealth told me to just keep on with the tylenol and if it was still there after 3 days to take her in to be seen by our doctor.  The fever started on Saturday night and on Tuesday I made her an appointment for Wednesday.  However, Wednesday morning she woke up with the rash and I pretty much didn't need to take her to the doctor, I knew she had Roseola.  It's a rash following a few days of high fever.  Nothing to be done as the fever was gone.
I did take her to the doctor because she had also started to tug on her ear.  Thankfully, her ears were clear.  Maybe we'll get a kid that doesn't take after mom or dad in that department!  I'm wondering if her ear tugging had to do with the tooth that finally broke through at 10.5 months!
Here are a few pictures of her rash.  It took about four days for it to completely disappear.  The best part is that she was in relatively good spirits through out it all!
Still a happy girl, even covered in spots!
Her back was by far the worst!
She's our third child, and I'm still wishing they came with a manual.  It would have caused us a lot less worry if upon getting her fever at the start we could have looked it up - in three days your child will wake up with spots from Roseola, don't worry, give her Tylenol to help with the fever and lots of cuddles to keep her happy.  What is wrong with that?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just a quick one today!

Last night I took the girls to watch Dan curl (he had a 5pm game).  They were really well behaved and enjoyed watching daddy play! I know the bag of pretzels and bottled water helped with that a lot.
I had Aubie in my lap and as Dan walked up to the glass to wave hi, she started to clap.  I just love when he gets to see their firsts along with me.
Congrats on the win, too babe!

Monday, October 4, 2010

falls days and the spouse gets older!

Yesterday was Dan's 34th birthday.  He'll kindly tell anyone that asks that he'll never be older than I am, which to his thinking is "older than dirt."  On Saturday after dance and skating, I packed up the van and told him to hit the 401.  We ended up at his sister's house and she kindly agreed to hang out with the girls for the night.  Thanks so much Sylvie! 

My plan was to take him for dinner and movie, but he decided that there wasn't anything he wanted to see.  We ended up going bowling, which was really fun. Plus, we got to actually talk to one another alone, instead of staring at a movie screen in silence.  We ended up at a pub called the Black Bull because Dan loves pubs and I wanted to play some NTN.  It wasn't too busy and we got to sit right away.  Apparently, we got there just at the right time because it sure filled up fast.  We played a couple of games of NTN and had a good dinner.  Then they rolled out the karaoke machine and we got to listen to some really good stuff and some really not so good stuff - like the guy who sang Kiss by Prince.  Dude even danced.  The food was so good and really reasonably priced too, wish this pub was in Kitchener!

The girls made Dan a cake.  I iced it and baked it, but they did the rest.  The sprinkles were really, really thick.  Dan made his own birthday dinner though, he wanted Sheppard's pie.

Sunday was a nice day to be outside, a little chilly but still not jacket weather.  I raked up the leaves, but my pile wasn't big enough according to the girls.  Daddy had to come out and fix that once dinner was in the oven.  I got some really great shots, and some really not so great, but keepers all the same.  Please don't mind O's outfit, she was wearing jeans but then she decided it was hot enough for the hose to be on.  Crazy girl.
You'd think she was laying down in the leaves, but she was walking around with them wrapped around her head.  I'm in love with this picture.
This is O.  Quirky and always dancing.  She didn't want to be in the leaves, but she still had a great time!
Aubs doesn't like the leaves.  Had to almost bribe O to go in the leaves.  Laura is our leaf lover.
A leaf, and I'm not crying!
The annual child toss into the leaves.
Anything for a ride, this one. 

 Dan was taking all the clothes pins off the line when he found this little gem.  I told him to squish her, but I guess she's still out there, we left the pin for her.  Seems like a funny place to call home, to me.

Hideous, that is all I have to say.
So, happy birthday for another year Babe!  Enjoy this year, because 50 is right around the corner.  Yes, I know, I will get there first.