Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This past Saturday was the girls' second skating lesson.  I'm thinking I should have put Laura in the parent and tot section as well.  Her class has crawled around on the ice and stood up a few times.  Océane is already walking on her own.  In fact, when they brought out the hockey sticks for her class she was all over them like a dirty shirt.  Another little boy's puck went near hers and he picked hers instead.  I heard her yell through the ice, "HEY, that's mine!"  

Tonight was Laura's second Sparks meeting.  She is really enjoying it!  This week they had a story and they made puppets, which they will use next week in puppet shows!

On the weekend, Laura came up and to Dan and asked if we could have a "sale garage" again.  This girl has a great memory, it shocks us.  The last garage sale we had was before Océane was born (or at least under 1 year) and Laura remembers.  Probably because it was traumatizing for her!  We sold the slot machine as she was playing it, wow, she had a fit.  Anyway,  there is a point to this.  She wanted to sell the stuffed animal that Dan got at the Just for Laughs festival in Quebec.  She is now deciding what we can keep and what she'd like to sell at her "sale garage".

Océane and I had a nice rest time today.  She didn't want to lay down so I asked her to tell me a story.  She decided to tell me about the princess and the dinosaur.  All she kept saying (she was so tired, but just wouldn't let herself go to sleep) was that the dinosaur bit the princess and that he shouldn't do that any more.  She was very adamant that the dinosaur wasn't being very nice.

It hit me hard today, she's going to be three very soon.  I just have this feeling that I am going to cry, she's getting to be such a big girl.  Still into everything, but she wants to see how it works and she *must* do it herself.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

As promised.

Here are some pictures (really not the greatest) of them from this morning at dance.  I think that the *hug* is going to be their signature pose!  Anyway, I'm getting pretty good at doing the "ballet bun"!


Oceane has a message for her memere and pepere.  Hopefully, it will work!  Laura and Oceane are absolutely loving the movie Astro Boy and have for awhile.  In the movie there are two cores that they are fighting over.  The blue core, which is all goodness and light and the red core, which is unpredictable.  Or however it is that O says it.  Cute, anyway. Just excuse the coughing at the end!

Anyway, we're now off for skating!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nighty, night!

When we first found out we were expecting our third child, one of the first discussions was sleeping arrangements.  We were going to get a bunk bed set that had the double bed on the bottom with the twin on top.  Then my uncle gave us a set of twin-twin bunk beds.  We were a little worried about Laura sleeping up top when she was only four, but she loved it and does great.  Or she used to do great.  Now she won't sleep up top.  She only wants to sleep with O.  Even if we put her up in the top bunk, by morning she's down with O.  Last night we just let them sleep together and this is what we found when we checked on them.  I think it would have been better for us to just get them a double bed!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sparks and.....golf?

To my parents and in-laws, I apologize for not having pictures, we were running late.....but, what else is new?  I will try next week, because she sure is cute all dressed up in her Sparks uniform.

Laura had her first Sparks meeting last night.  She wanted me to stay, but fortunately I had a great excuse.  I parked in the wrong parking lot and had to move the van.  She is very clingy until she's comfortable with new surroundings, so this forced her to do it herself.  She was fine when I got back about five minutes later.  I didn't let her see me, because then she would have wanted me to come in the room.

Her unit started off by colouring pictures and then they did a mock fire drill.  While they were outside they got to play some sort of run around game, those were Laura's words.  They came back inside played some more games and sang some songs.  Then it was already time to go. 

In the next two months they are going to have a story and craft night, make puppet shows, start on a memory book (which she is very excited about so I hope it's sort of like a scrapbook), go to a pumpkin patch and have a hallowe'en party. 

She woke up this morning asking if she could go back tonight.  I guess Sparks has Laura's seal of approval.

On a side note, in two weeks, she will have a case of the mint cookies to sell.....

Now on to the golf portion of this post.  We would like to congratulate my father-in-law on getting a hole-in-one last Monday at a tournament in Blind River.  Congrats FIL!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our first family fall adventure 2010

We've taken to not telling the girls when there is something special happening.  That way if we can't go or do whatever it is, there are no tears.  When we get started we tell them we're heading on an adventure and they try to guess where we're going.  Laura is so good at guessing, she said she wanted to ride a roller coaster.  It's a good thing our destination was the Western Fair!  We went with my dad, my brother and his family.  Unfortunately, we got separated from them rather quickly.

Laura and Dan sure put their ride all day passes to good use!  They were on their first ride within minutes of passing through the gates. 

Laura sure surprised us.  Not by asking to climb the rock wall, but she went all the way up to the top!  She was so proud of herself for hitting that buzzer.  I think she enjoyed the ride to the bottom too!!

We always get their faces painted at the same tent each year.  We think they are super talented.  I just love the way they do butterflies and I may attempt some for O's hallowe'en costume as she is going to be a butterfly princess this year. Laura wanted a crown and the pictures don't do it justice.  Aubie got her first face painting too!
We watched a bit of horse jumping in the Agriplex and judging by O's response, she loved it!  Can't wait for the Western Fair 2011!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We made it!

Today was the day the activities started.  

It was going to be okay time wise, then Laura got invited to a birthday party, smack dab in between dance and skating lessons.  

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures from dance, they will come next weekend.  Océane looked so cute in her little dance tutu and ballet shoes.  I watched a youtube tutorial on how to do a "ballet bun" because I can do a bun, I can just never make it stay.  This one did, at least until she pulled it out on the way home.  Océane is taking ballet and Laura is taking jazz, both beginner classes.  They enjoyed it, although I'm not sure that Laura will continue this, as she just wanted to dance because O wanted to.  The good thing about this studio (and I'm not sure if this is usual) is that you pay in 4 weeks increments and if the child wants to stop, that's it.  It's the main reason why we let Laura try it out when she has so many other activities this fall.

Laura is bound and determined to play hockey next year.  She's been asking since she was three when she could play.  We told her first she needs to know how to skate -- let the lessons begin.  She was on the ice alone, although most of her class was spent sitting on a foam square.  The picture is one of the few times they were up on skates.

Océane really did well.  She had one fall that looked horrible from where I was standing, but Dan assures me it wasn't all that bad.  He said he thinks she was crying because she got scared.  She even did a 4-5 foot walk on her own.  The instructor made a line on the ice in magic marker and had her follow it.  She was really proud of herself for doing it, when the instructor gave her big high fives!
Laura with one of her coaches, on one of the few times they were up on their feet.
After her fall, looking for me.  What a trooper, she kept on going.
After she did her solo "skate", so proud!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Labour Day fun.

For this last little adventure before school started, we went to my mom's new place in Dashwood.  It's about a three minute drive to the beach in Grand Bend.  Unfortunately, there was no swimming that weekend, it was too cold!

The girls took turns sleeping with Dan in the tent.  They were all supposed to sleep out there, but O fell asleep the first night and we didn't want to move her.  Then the second night, Laura wanted to sleep with me. 

The first night it was so windy, we couldn't even have a fire.  The second night we got to roast marshmallows and hot dogs.  Laura's technique is very quick - put marshmallow on stick, pass marshmallow over fire once and enjoy!  O, however, is a leave it til it burns type of girl.  Not that she will eat the finished product though!  I think that night will stay in my memory for a long while.  Aubrielle fell asleep on mom, Laura fell asleep in Dan's lap and O fell asleep on me.  It's been awhile since O has done that with me, makes me remember her in her baby O days.

The big girls went for some golf cart rides with grandpa Bob.  We played at the playground and the bouncy castle.  There is a tire swing there and I spun Dan and the big girls so much that he made me stop.  O was looking a little ill, but she managed fine.  Daddy was the stopper of that fun!

And away they go!
It was a lot of outdoor play, even if it wasn't the warmest of weekends.  It was a nice send off to summer.  They really must of played hard because this is what I brought home with me!

Laura's first nap in over 2 years, and they all still went to bed on time!

Dan gave Aubie her first pickle.
After the initial taste, she pretty much at the whole thing.  She loves pickles!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Anniversary Crop results.

I seemed to have found some mojo yesterday! I was very please with my results. I will take any opportunity to scrap for 12 hours straight with a great bunch of women. Thanks so much to Carolyn and Joanne (or Joanne and Carolyn depending on who you think is which!) from the Two Scrapbook Friends!
I'm pretty sure this is and old set from My Mind's Eye.  Suited O's face painting to a T!
A fun pack from Imaginisces so perfect for the beach baby!

The annual father-daughter camping trip (with some guests this year!)  I used the same paper last year to scrap their camping adventure and got a very different look.
This is the Bo Bunny - Sun Kissed collection, perfect for a sun kissed O at the beach!
I've had these papers for awhile, but the butterflies are new and so pretty!  Laura loved them when I showed her this page.
I can't remember which collection this is, but it's so freaking cute!

The pattern paper here is from the new Paisley Road collection.  I thought it was kind of gross, but it really worked with Laura's dress.  The flowers are all cut out and pop dotted.
No more scrapping until Hallowe'en weekend and the retreat.  My pharmacology course started this week and my french class starts soon.

Anniversary Crop

I went to the Anniversary Crop to celebrate with Two Scrapbook Friends.  I went with my scrapbook friend, Shelby.  I will post my layouts tomorrow hopefully.  I just wanted to share how used to having my girls around I am.

Shelby picked me up and we stopped at Tim Horton's for coffee (for her), tea (for me) and bagels (for us) and a buck for the firemen with the boot out.  We arrive at the church where the crop was being held and unpack our supplies.  I sit down at the table with Shelby and two other women and I relax.  Dan is spending the day with the girls and I am going to scrap. (For 12 hours?)   Notice I said I was without children and sitting with adults! 

As I unwrapped my cinnamon raisin bagel toasted with butter, I said, "mommy is just goin......"  I didn't even finish saying it before I was shaking  my own head and laughing at myself.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Laura's first day of school

Laura started jardin this year, which is kindergarten.  She is in a split class with the maternelle (JK) kids.  I don't think she gets that there are still kids to come into her class, as they will be doing the staggered entry.  Makes it a little confusing for her I think. 

I took her sisters to a sitter so I could take her to school alone.  We went out for a little breakfast before!  She asked for a cinnamon raisin bagel, I thought for sure she'd ask for McDonalds!

Here are a few pics of my big girl as she starts this year's journey.  When we got into her class, it was a nice surprise to see that she is in the same room as last year.  It's done a little different, but for the most part it's familiar to her.  Her cubby is almost the same one too, it's just down 2 spaces!

When I dropped her off yesterday, I saw a teacher and I asked her if it was her teacher, and she said, "I don't think so, she was just there yesterday."  Turns out it is her teacher and I'm sure she won't be there past Christmas judging by the size of her baby bump. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September, already?

I'm sure there will be a million blogs today about how fast the summer went and people's disbelief that it is, in fact, September.  September, in six short days our Laura will be starting her second year of school.  She is starting Jardin which is Kindergarten.  I have no idea who her teacher will be or if she will end up in the maternelle/jardin split, which I'm hoping she won't.

We have had a busy summer.  My mom moved to Dashwood which is exactly a three minute drive to the beach in Grand Bend.  That has been so hard on us, having to visit and go to the beach!  My girls really are part fish I think, and it looks like Aubrielle is following in her sisters fins.  She loves the water just as much!

O was so proud of herself, she kept saying, "look mom, I simming!"
Laura loves playing in the sand, safely, of course!
Mom took this picture.  It was the best she could do to get us all together.  The big girls wouldn't stay put!

We did Canada Day at Columbia Lake as per our family tradition.  This year, the girls ended up flying kites we bought them there for a long time!  Helped us kill the time between all the planned activities and the fireworks!  O fell asleep about 5 minutes into the firework display, but Aubrielle saw the whole thing.  All three were KO'd though, by the time we hit the van!

This picture makes me laugh every time.  They are in the middle of kite flying and Mia looks at O and says, "did you see my earrings?" Everything is different with girls, that's for sure!
Yes, this was before the big criss cross of the lines!
This is Mia's dad, Martin, after she gave up control.
Just to prove she was there!
Dan took Laura to Algonquin camping for 4 days.  It was supposed to be 5, but he came home sick from Mexico and he needed a day to recover.  If you want to see pictures, you'll have to check out his blog, if he ever updates it.

Shelby and I took the kids to Storybook Gardens in London and it was a good day.  Hot enough to be thankful for the splashpad and the spray poles.  We had a picnic and the kids went on all the rides.  I went on the ferris wheel and didn't throw up!

Walking Aubie through the splashpad to cool off a bit. 
O and I looking down on Wyatt and Laura from the top of the ferris wheel.

Every time she passed me she said, "get me off!" However, at the end of the ride she was ok!
Our other notable adventure was the Twin Valley Zoo in Brantford.  I got brave one day and told the girls to get ready we were going out.  Laura, out of nowhere, says, "can we go to the zoo?" "Why, yes, yes, we can!" I said to her and she was very excited!

They were so good! They had so much fun.
The girls fed this mama and her two cubs peanuts, which is so not good considering where Dan takes them camping!
I think she enjoyed her summer....she has grown so much!