Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It was a great day to take a photo or two!

My friend Shelby brought her boys over today.  Her youngest one finally told me no more pictures, while her oldest one wouldn't stay put long enough to grab his face!  I got some great pictures today and the weather was so nice out.  Finally a break from the heat, it was lovely to be outside!  The girls have been begging to get the bubble machine out and I'm very glad I did.

These are going to call for some serious scrapbooking time. 

After they left, I brought O downstairs for a little quiet time.  She sneaked a tomato and the next thing I knew, I was listening to her snore!  She, of course fell asleep just as it was time to go and meet Laura's bus.  I carried her upstairs, outside and strapped her into her car seat (it was raining) and she never even moved!  All that time outside this morning sure knocked her out!

Tomorrow it's just Laura, Aubie and I.  Laura has her 5 year check up, so I figured O would go to daycare and I would take Laura out for lunch to make up for the needle she has to get.