Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tomorrow, it is.

Back to work tomorrow.  Not that I haven't been working this past year, it's just been a very different kind of work.  My maternity leave is officially over.  According to my husband it was my last maternity leave, but that is another post!

It's going to be extra challenging this week as Dan is being picked up by airways transit sometime before the crack of stupid on Tuesday morning.  He's being shipped off to Mexico again for who knows how long.  The girls and I are very fortunate to be surrounded with some really great people that step up and lend a hand when he's traveling. We really appreciate you!

I'm a little concerned about going back to work.  Everything changes so fast that it's like learning a new job from scratch!

I think Aubie was feeling something off tonight, it took her a very long time to fall asleep.  She just wanted to be with me.  I think Laura is upset about it too, she really liked me meeting her at the bus.  Océane, is just happy to be back at the sitter's house (so far).  She loves playing with the kids there.

Wish us luck this week, it has the potential to be a very long one.

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  1. This must be such a tough transition. Good luck tomorrow, to all of you.


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