Thursday, November 11, 2010

So glad I'm not needed.

The little girls had their first day at the babysitter's house this morning.  We decided to ease them in by doing today and tomorrow before they have to go full time next week.

Oceane was so happy to be back there.  She threw off her shoes and coat and ran to play with the other kids that were there.  I asked her if she was going to come and say goodbye, and she said "no, mom."  That was it.

I took Aubie to get her pictures done for her first birthday (which are so freaking cute!) and then I brought her to the sitters too.  They were outside playing and again I asked O if she would give me a hug goodbye, she looked right at me and said, "I'm good."

My fears about Aubie and her no/short naps was not needed, because she slept 90 minutes.  Of course she did!  Don't kids always do the exact opposite of what you think or tell someone they will do?  O even asked, yes, asked to go to sleep.  Didn't make for an easy bedtime tonight, though!

Laura and I walked over to get them when she got off the bus, then we came home and played outside.  The girls collected all the leaves that had accumulated up against the fence.  They had so much fun doing it!  Of course, I have pics...taken with my phone, but still some pics so you get the idea....

O saw this picture and said, "momma, I'm a robot!"
What better use for a recycle bin?
Here's our 364 day old.  She was laughing so hard at her sisters playing.  Poor thing can't wait to walk!

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  1. LOL I was waiting to see if Aubie slept! Don't you just love how they do what you want for someone else?!


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