Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Laura is a SPARK!

We went to her enrollment ceremony tonight.  She was so happy and did really well.  They had to walk through the arch to their leaders and say the promise.  They were in pairs and Laura's voice was the one we heard.  She is very proud of herself for remembering what to do tonight.  I just have to teach her the words to our national anthem in English!! 
Walking through the arch, to her leaders...she wouldn't stop playing with her sash!

Getting her pin.

Saying her promise, she was loud and proud!
A little treat for a job well done.  Congratulations, Laura!!
The 11th Kitchener Sparks.

Dan ended up taking the little ones to the van because Océane wanted to be with Laura and Aubie didn't want to sit still either!  They got to see her get her pin and then they left.

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