Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally the costume pictures!

With Aubrielle's birthday party, Laura's enrollment into Sparks and me getting ready to return to work, I almost forgot to post these pictures for Grandma!

Laura was spider girl - officially daughter of spider man.  Oceane was a butterfly princess and is still trying to wear the dress every day!  For Aubrielle we were more concerned about her being warm.  When we brought her in for bed, she was toasty warm and still without a clue as to what was going on.

Here is Laura displaying her best superhero pose.  Get a look at the shoes.  You have to love The Children's Place, those shoes sure completed her costume.

Butterfly princess she may have been, but she sure knows how to demonstrate her superpower moves as well!  Either that or she was busting a groove, which would also be like her.

Now for the cutest penguin in the whole K-W area, Aubrielle.  Poor thing looks terrorized, doesn't she?  Maybe, but like I said, she was warm!

Another quick group shot.  They are getting very good about posing together, this was their setup.

This is the last picture for this post.  All I have to say about it is, that I CAN'T WAIT to scrap it!!!!

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