Monday, November 8, 2010

Aubie gets the cake!

We had a very low key first birthday party for Aubie yesterday.  Thanks to our friends and family who came to celebrate with us!  As usual, she was more into the tissue from her gift bags than the actual gifts, but I am thankful for the clothes and toys!

She really enjoyed the chocolate cake.  She wasn't supposed to have chocolate cake, keep on reading for that story!  She would eat a handful and give the floor a handful.  So impressed my girl is sharing already!

My brother made the cake for the rest of us to eat and it was so good!  I told him that the 'theme' for the party was monkeys so Shelley made awesome chocolate monkey suckers for the cake for decorations.  The cake and chocolates were so good!  He made it a marble cake which is my personal favourite.  Now just Laura to make a cake from and I won't ask for another one...unless he wants to make me one :)

Now onto my complaint (which I forgot to call about today)!  I originally bought a Duncan Hines white cake mix (yes, from a box) to make her cake and some cupcakes from.  When I opened the box, the inner bag was not sealed.  No problem, because I`ve had this happen before so I bought two boxes just in case.  I opened the second box and same freaking thing!  It`s getting late in the day and the guests were arriving around 2pm.  Thankfully, my neighbour had a mix for me to us.  I wasn`t being picky over the flavour.

The last time this happened with the cake mixes their customer service sent me a coupon for one free box.  I had better be getting more than that this time.  It was my daughter`s birthday party!

Now I have to go and peel some clementines for the girl`s after dinner treat!

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