Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two turkey dinners later....

Our thanksgiving this year was extra special because it was Aubrielle's first.  We had two wonderful family dinners, here and at Dan's sister's house in Burlington.  Family and yummy food, what more could you ask for?

My brother brought his fryer for the turkey and a special treat for Oceane.  She is going to be 3 soon so we also celebrated her birthday.  Her's was the third birthday cake he's made.  She was so excited to see it.  I couldn't get my camera ready quick enough to catch her trying to lick the cake (so it's a little blurry). 

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She was thrilled!
Showing the old man how it's done.

Deep fried turkey is really good, but we sure missed the stuffing.  We've already planned to do a "just because turkey" soon!  I guess we just can't wait until Christmas.

Dinner at my SIL's house was so good!  My MIL is a great, great cook.  She made cabbage rolls to go along with the turkey.  Wow, they are just the yummiest things ever.  They are coming down the help Dan watch the kids at the end of this month and she said she'd bring me some for the freezer.  Yes, that was a huge reminder!!

I made a cake to take for dessert, for the two O's birthdays.  My nephew turned 7 the end of September, which is crazy all on it's own.  Seven years old, wow.  My cake was sadly lacking compared to my brother's creation.  There are no pictures.

We have another busy month ahead of us with activities for the girls and Oceane's birthday party.  I am in denial that she is going to be three.  If three is the new two for her, I'm not sure we'll make it!

We've decided to keep Laura in dance.  I told her she had to decide because I had to pay for the next four weeks if she wanted to stay in the class.  She asked me to pay for "a lot more than four."  I can't wait to see the year end show.  I think they will be so cute.  She's already practicing her moves at home and teaching Dan too!

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