Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October ramblings!

Yesterday morning Laura woke up early and decided to do something nice for Oceane.  She brought out the little pony set that O got for her birthday and told Dan she was going to set it up so it would be ready for O when she woke up.

Oceane woke up and Laura ran to their room.....here is what followed.
Laura: "Oceane come to the livering room, I have a surprise for you."
Me: "Where?"
Laura: "The livering room."
Me: "Where?"
Laura: "The LIVERING room."
Me: "Where?"
Laura: "Oceane, follow me."

I just love their mispronunciations of words, that I keep asking them to say it.  They now are starting to change what they are saying and depriving me of my fix!

Laura's little friend from school is named Parker and O calls him Parkener.

Oceane also says "let me alone" when she is being bugged by someone.  "Let me alone, mom!" when I'm trying to do her hair.

So far all we hear from Aubie is "mom, mom, mom" and now "dad!" and of course the screeching when there isn't food in front of her!

Oceane had her 3 year check up today.  She is 32.5lbs and 37.5inches tall!  I have to dig out last years visit, but I don't think she's gained much weight, just shot up a ton!  She also got her flu shot and wow, was I impressed.  She wouldn't look away, but she didn't know what was coming either.  All she did was say "ouch" and then "did she fix me?"  That was it though, no tears!

Laura has sparks tonight and they are meeting at a pumpkin patch.  She is beyond thrilled!  I will try to take some pictures, but parents are not encouraged to stay.  As if!

27 days until I return to work :(

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