Saturday, October 16, 2010

In honour of O.

This day three years ago found us leaving for the hospital at 5:45am, we had to check in at 6am.  Laura had spent the night at my mom's house and the two of them would come to the hospital around 10am.  That is the beauty of having a scheduled C-section.  With everything that had happened with Laura's birth, the wonderful Dr. Carruthers (you either love him or hate him and I love him!) told me that most likely the same things would happen again.  He had no problem letting me try to have her naturally, but I would probably end up being exhausted from trying...with a section anyway.  Dan and I talked and he said it was my decision, so I booked the section.  If it was probably going to happen, may as well do it well rested!  Plus, it worked for the planner in me!  Dan's parents knew when to book time off work to come down to meet their newest grandbaby.

My only word of wisdom I would offer you if you are going to have major surgery.  Do not get bronchitis beforehand.  Oh man, coughing hurts after you've been cut open!  I had just gotten over coughing and had tears running down my face when the nurse came in to check on us.  She said, "oh, do we have a bit of the blues?"  Dan was just about to tell her when I started coughing again.  She ended up getting me some Tylenol #3's, she was a great nurse :)

On having a second child.  I honestly think I was in denial, right up until the moment I saw her.  Dan recorded the whole thing and the only thing you hear me say when Dr. Carruthers walked by with her was, "oh my god."  I'm not sure why it didn't sink in before that moment. 

We had a hard time agreeing on a name for her.  For the longest time it was going to be Genevieve.  However, Genevieve Elizabeth Lagrandeur seemed like such a huge name for such a little person.  Then I found Oceane on a website.  Dan sat down at the computer a night or two later and said "we have to get this girl named," so I opened the site and told him there was a name on there that I liked.  It was fate, or something, as he scrolled right to it...well after me saying no to Terese. 

At 8:27am October 16, 2007, Oceane Elizabeth Lagrandeur came into the world.  Our lives had changed for the better for the second time!  We love your spunk, your determination, your smile.  A little less of the stubbornness please, but at least you come by it honestly.  I've been told you are a mini-me!

8lbs 13oz of beautiful girl!
Laura getting to meet her sister, just two hours old.
first bath at home.  I love this picture.
just 2 weeks old on her first hallowe'en.

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  1. Very nice, where does time go, seems as it was just yesterday when you got your first child Laura. You wake up one morning and poof and then there were 3. Enjoy the growth and cherish the moment.


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