Monday, October 4, 2010

falls days and the spouse gets older!

Yesterday was Dan's 34th birthday.  He'll kindly tell anyone that asks that he'll never be older than I am, which to his thinking is "older than dirt."  On Saturday after dance and skating, I packed up the van and told him to hit the 401.  We ended up at his sister's house and she kindly agreed to hang out with the girls for the night.  Thanks so much Sylvie! 

My plan was to take him for dinner and movie, but he decided that there wasn't anything he wanted to see.  We ended up going bowling, which was really fun. Plus, we got to actually talk to one another alone, instead of staring at a movie screen in silence.  We ended up at a pub called the Black Bull because Dan loves pubs and I wanted to play some NTN.  It wasn't too busy and we got to sit right away.  Apparently, we got there just at the right time because it sure filled up fast.  We played a couple of games of NTN and had a good dinner.  Then they rolled out the karaoke machine and we got to listen to some really good stuff and some really not so good stuff - like the guy who sang Kiss by Prince.  Dude even danced.  The food was so good and really reasonably priced too, wish this pub was in Kitchener!

The girls made Dan a cake.  I iced it and baked it, but they did the rest.  The sprinkles were really, really thick.  Dan made his own birthday dinner though, he wanted Sheppard's pie.

Sunday was a nice day to be outside, a little chilly but still not jacket weather.  I raked up the leaves, but my pile wasn't big enough according to the girls.  Daddy had to come out and fix that once dinner was in the oven.  I got some really great shots, and some really not so great, but keepers all the same.  Please don't mind O's outfit, she was wearing jeans but then she decided it was hot enough for the hose to be on.  Crazy girl.
You'd think she was laying down in the leaves, but she was walking around with them wrapped around her head.  I'm in love with this picture.
This is O.  Quirky and always dancing.  She didn't want to be in the leaves, but she still had a great time!
Aubs doesn't like the leaves.  Had to almost bribe O to go in the leaves.  Laura is our leaf lover.
A leaf, and I'm not crying!
The annual child toss into the leaves.
Anything for a ride, this one. 

 Dan was taking all the clothes pins off the line when he found this little gem.  I told him to squish her, but I guess she's still out there, we left the pin for her.  Seems like a funny place to call home, to me.

Hideous, that is all I have to say.
So, happy birthday for another year Babe!  Enjoy this year, because 50 is right around the corner.  Yes, I know, I will get there first.


  1. The pics of the girls are awesome but that spider is just gross!!

  2. Should have put her out of my misery, eh?

  3. Don't know how I missed this post!
    Laura in leaves~ stunning. I LOVE this photo


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