Monday, October 25, 2010

Bed time at the Lagrandeur house.

Is both my favourite and least favourite part of the day.  I love the fact that after they are in bed and it gets quiet(er).  I love the snuggling of story time and Aubrielle's last nursing for the day (hopefully!).  I'm not a fan of trying to round up three girls for the tub and getting them changed into their jammies, and brushing teeth and hair. 

One night this week after the girls had been sleeping for a bit, I was sitting in the living room and Dan went to check on them.  He said I had to go right away, which always makes me think something is wrong.  What I saw made me run for the camera!

At first it didn't seem like there was anything that I would be concerned about.  When Dan pulled back her comforter I started to laugh.  Our girls have never been the kids that sleep in odd places in odd ways.  So I finally have a funny sleeping picture of O!
Comfy cozy!
I'm not even sure how one can sleep like this!  I'm guessing she almost fell out of bed.
Or maybe she was practicing her ballet in her sleep?  Trying to get on her tippy toes?

I don't think I will get a funny sleeping picture of Laura.  She sleeps in her bed and her bed only!  Scratch that, she sleeps in O's bed and O's bed only!


  1. OMG how is it even possible to sleep like that? Maybe she's getting ready to run?

  2. That is funny! I'd never be able to sleep like that!


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