Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Aubie's first illness

The last weekend of September saw Aubrielle with a fever of 102.  We couldn't keep it under 100, but she had no other symptoms.  Telehealth told me to just keep on with the tylenol and if it was still there after 3 days to take her in to be seen by our doctor.  The fever started on Saturday night and on Tuesday I made her an appointment for Wednesday.  However, Wednesday morning she woke up with the rash and I pretty much didn't need to take her to the doctor, I knew she had Roseola.  It's a rash following a few days of high fever.  Nothing to be done as the fever was gone.
I did take her to the doctor because she had also started to tug on her ear.  Thankfully, her ears were clear.  Maybe we'll get a kid that doesn't take after mom or dad in that department!  I'm wondering if her ear tugging had to do with the tooth that finally broke through at 10.5 months!
Here are a few pictures of her rash.  It took about four days for it to completely disappear.  The best part is that she was in relatively good spirits through out it all!
Still a happy girl, even covered in spots!
Her back was by far the worst!
She's our third child, and I'm still wishing they came with a manual.  It would have caused us a lot less worry if upon getting her fever at the start we could have looked it up - in three days your child will wake up with spots from Roseola, don't worry, give her Tylenol to help with the fever and lots of cuddles to keep her happy.  What is wrong with that?

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