Saturday, September 18, 2010

We made it!

Today was the day the activities started.  

It was going to be okay time wise, then Laura got invited to a birthday party, smack dab in between dance and skating lessons.  

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures from dance, they will come next weekend.  Océane looked so cute in her little dance tutu and ballet shoes.  I watched a youtube tutorial on how to do a "ballet bun" because I can do a bun, I can just never make it stay.  This one did, at least until she pulled it out on the way home.  Océane is taking ballet and Laura is taking jazz, both beginner classes.  They enjoyed it, although I'm not sure that Laura will continue this, as she just wanted to dance because O wanted to.  The good thing about this studio (and I'm not sure if this is usual) is that you pay in 4 weeks increments and if the child wants to stop, that's it.  It's the main reason why we let Laura try it out when she has so many other activities this fall.

Laura is bound and determined to play hockey next year.  She's been asking since she was three when she could play.  We told her first she needs to know how to skate -- let the lessons begin.  She was on the ice alone, although most of her class was spent sitting on a foam square.  The picture is one of the few times they were up on skates.

Océane really did well.  She had one fall that looked horrible from where I was standing, but Dan assures me it wasn't all that bad.  He said he thinks she was crying because she got scared.  She even did a 4-5 foot walk on her own.  The instructor made a line on the ice in magic marker and had her follow it.  She was really proud of herself for doing it, when the instructor gave her big high fives!
Laura with one of her coaches, on one of the few times they were up on their feet.
After her fall, looking for me.  What a trooper, she kept on going.
After she did her solo "skate", so proud!

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