Wednesday, September 22, 2010


To my parents and in-laws, I apologize for not having pictures, we were running late.....but, what else is new?  I will try next week, because she sure is cute all dressed up in her Sparks uniform.

Laura had her first Sparks meeting last night.  She wanted me to stay, but fortunately I had a great excuse.  I parked in the wrong parking lot and had to move the van.  She is very clingy until she's comfortable with new surroundings, so this forced her to do it herself.  She was fine when I got back about five minutes later.  I didn't let her see me, because then she would have wanted me to come in the room.

Her unit started off by colouring pictures and then they did a mock fire drill.  While they were outside they got to play some sort of run around game, those were Laura's words.  They came back inside played some more games and sang some songs.  Then it was already time to go. 

In the next two months they are going to have a story and craft night, make puppet shows, start on a memory book (which she is very excited about so I hope it's sort of like a scrapbook), go to a pumpkin patch and have a hallowe'en party. 

She woke up this morning asking if she could go back tonight.  I guess Sparks has Laura's seal of approval.

On a side note, in two weeks, she will have a case of the mint cookies to sell.....

Now on to the golf portion of this post.  We would like to congratulate my father-in-law on getting a hole-in-one last Monday at a tournament in Blind River.  Congrats FIL!!!

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