Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This past Saturday was the girls' second skating lesson.  I'm thinking I should have put Laura in the parent and tot section as well.  Her class has crawled around on the ice and stood up a few times.  Océane is already walking on her own.  In fact, when they brought out the hockey sticks for her class she was all over them like a dirty shirt.  Another little boy's puck went near hers and he picked hers instead.  I heard her yell through the ice, "HEY, that's mine!"  

Tonight was Laura's second Sparks meeting.  She is really enjoying it!  This week they had a story and they made puppets, which they will use next week in puppet shows!

On the weekend, Laura came up and to Dan and asked if we could have a "sale garage" again.  This girl has a great memory, it shocks us.  The last garage sale we had was before Océane was born (or at least under 1 year) and Laura remembers.  Probably because it was traumatizing for her!  We sold the slot machine as she was playing it, wow, she had a fit.  Anyway,  there is a point to this.  She wanted to sell the stuffed animal that Dan got at the Just for Laughs festival in Quebec.  She is now deciding what we can keep and what she'd like to sell at her "sale garage".

Océane and I had a nice rest time today.  She didn't want to lay down so I asked her to tell me a story.  She decided to tell me about the princess and the dinosaur.  All she kept saying (she was so tired, but just wouldn't let herself go to sleep) was that the dinosaur bit the princess and that he shouldn't do that any more.  She was very adamant that the dinosaur wasn't being very nice.

It hit me hard today, she's going to be three very soon.  I just have this feeling that I am going to cry, she's getting to be such a big girl.  Still into everything, but she wants to see how it works and she *must* do it herself.

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