Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September, already?

I'm sure there will be a million blogs today about how fast the summer went and people's disbelief that it is, in fact, September.  September, in six short days our Laura will be starting her second year of school.  She is starting Jardin which is Kindergarten.  I have no idea who her teacher will be or if she will end up in the maternelle/jardin split, which I'm hoping she won't.

We have had a busy summer.  My mom moved to Dashwood which is exactly a three minute drive to the beach in Grand Bend.  That has been so hard on us, having to visit and go to the beach!  My girls really are part fish I think, and it looks like Aubrielle is following in her sisters fins.  She loves the water just as much!

O was so proud of herself, she kept saying, "look mom, I simming!"
Laura loves playing in the sand, safely, of course!
Mom took this picture.  It was the best she could do to get us all together.  The big girls wouldn't stay put!

We did Canada Day at Columbia Lake as per our family tradition.  This year, the girls ended up flying kites we bought them there for a long time!  Helped us kill the time between all the planned activities and the fireworks!  O fell asleep about 5 minutes into the firework display, but Aubrielle saw the whole thing.  All three were KO'd though, by the time we hit the van!

This picture makes me laugh every time.  They are in the middle of kite flying and Mia looks at O and says, "did you see my earrings?" Everything is different with girls, that's for sure!
Yes, this was before the big criss cross of the lines!
This is Mia's dad, Martin, after she gave up control.
Just to prove she was there!
Dan took Laura to Algonquin camping for 4 days.  It was supposed to be 5, but he came home sick from Mexico and he needed a day to recover.  If you want to see pictures, you'll have to check out his blog, if he ever updates it.

Shelby and I took the kids to Storybook Gardens in London and it was a good day.  Hot enough to be thankful for the splashpad and the spray poles.  We had a picnic and the kids went on all the rides.  I went on the ferris wheel and didn't throw up!

Walking Aubie through the splashpad to cool off a bit. 
O and I looking down on Wyatt and Laura from the top of the ferris wheel.

Every time she passed me she said, "get me off!" However, at the end of the ride she was ok!
Our other notable adventure was the Twin Valley Zoo in Brantford.  I got brave one day and told the girls to get ready we were going out.  Laura, out of nowhere, says, "can we go to the zoo?" "Why, yes, yes, we can!" I said to her and she was very excited!

They were so good! They had so much fun.
The girls fed this mama and her two cubs peanuts, which is so not good considering where Dan takes them camping!
I think she enjoyed her summer....she has grown so much!


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