Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Labour Day fun.

For this last little adventure before school started, we went to my mom's new place in Dashwood.  It's about a three minute drive to the beach in Grand Bend.  Unfortunately, there was no swimming that weekend, it was too cold!

The girls took turns sleeping with Dan in the tent.  They were all supposed to sleep out there, but O fell asleep the first night and we didn't want to move her.  Then the second night, Laura wanted to sleep with me. 

The first night it was so windy, we couldn't even have a fire.  The second night we got to roast marshmallows and hot dogs.  Laura's technique is very quick - put marshmallow on stick, pass marshmallow over fire once and enjoy!  O, however, is a leave it til it burns type of girl.  Not that she will eat the finished product though!  I think that night will stay in my memory for a long while.  Aubrielle fell asleep on mom, Laura fell asleep in Dan's lap and O fell asleep on me.  It's been awhile since O has done that with me, makes me remember her in her baby O days.

The big girls went for some golf cart rides with grandpa Bob.  We played at the playground and the bouncy castle.  There is a tire swing there and I spun Dan and the big girls so much that he made me stop.  O was looking a little ill, but she managed fine.  Daddy was the stopper of that fun!

And away they go!
It was a lot of outdoor play, even if it wasn't the warmest of weekends.  It was a nice send off to summer.  They really must of played hard because this is what I brought home with me!

Laura's first nap in over 2 years, and they all still went to bed on time!

Dan gave Aubie her first pickle.
After the initial taste, she pretty much at the whole thing.  She loves pickles!

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  1. blog looks great and those pickle pics are adorable


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