Monday, September 20, 2010

Our first family fall adventure 2010

We've taken to not telling the girls when there is something special happening.  That way if we can't go or do whatever it is, there are no tears.  When we get started we tell them we're heading on an adventure and they try to guess where we're going.  Laura is so good at guessing, she said she wanted to ride a roller coaster.  It's a good thing our destination was the Western Fair!  We went with my dad, my brother and his family.  Unfortunately, we got separated from them rather quickly.

Laura and Dan sure put their ride all day passes to good use!  They were on their first ride within minutes of passing through the gates. 

Laura sure surprised us.  Not by asking to climb the rock wall, but she went all the way up to the top!  She was so proud of herself for hitting that buzzer.  I think she enjoyed the ride to the bottom too!!

We always get their faces painted at the same tent each year.  We think they are super talented.  I just love the way they do butterflies and I may attempt some for O's hallowe'en costume as she is going to be a butterfly princess this year. Laura wanted a crown and the pictures don't do it justice.  Aubie got her first face painting too!
We watched a bit of horse jumping in the Agriplex and judging by O's response, she loved it!  Can't wait for the Western Fair 2011!

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