Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Glasses and changing diapers.

This morning Aubrielle woke up early.  The older two were still sound asleep so I moved to the couch and let Aubie have a little snack while I lay there and read a book. Since she was in the exersaucer, she pooped, she always poops in the exersaucer. 
I picked her up and carried her to her room and I laid her on the change table.  I popped the snaps on her onesie and a freaking spider, ran out.  I nearly jumped through the roof, I a jar of diaper and cream and proceeded to smash it to death.  I grabbed a wipe to clean off the jar before putting it back on the shelf and realized that it didn't look like spider guts.  I got down close to the "spider's" body and realized that I'm quite proficient at killing cheerios!  I will put my glasses on when changing diapers from now on.

Later in the day when Aubie was happily playing with some toys on the floor and Océane was sleeping, I decided to bring out a book for Laura to practice her letters.  We ended up doing word searches and this puzzle had a space suit theme.  She knows the word "moo" and she said it when I pointed at moon (covering the n).  I sounded out the n to her and asked her what moo with the n sound on the end would spell and she said, "space helmet?"  Gotta love her!

Océane has taken to giving me big hugs and saying, "I love you, mommy" when she knows she's done something wrong.  How do you get angry with this face?

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