Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just wanted to share.

We are in day I have no idea of potty training. Océane has been doing really well with the pees but not really getting the #2 side of things. This morning she ran to the bathroom, saying she had to pee. The she started yelling "ca-ca". Well she finally got it! So we had to do the big potty dance. She asked for a treat and received a chocolate egg from easter. The big news here is that Laura is at school, so O actually got to eat it herself...she normally hands over the goods to Laura for whatever reason.

I am going to let you down here if you were expecting a picture (because I do take pictures of everything!), but not even I, could keep that for posterity. It's gone, flushed away....which makes me a very happy mom!

Since I haven't posted a pic of O, here is one from last Wednesday taken by Shelby at the Huron Nature Trail.

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