Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Did I mention I scrap?

I do.

I went to the spring retreat hosted by Two Scrapbook Friends this past weekend, and I got so much accomplished!  I also didn't cook one single meal, change one single diaper or make one single bed!  The down side of being gone for a weekend is that I missed two rounds of good night cuddles and kisses, and two mornings of happy faces crawling into our bed!

Back to what I accomplished...I got my mom's Christmas present completed as far as I can, I did about 10 single page layouts and 5 or 6 double page layouts (2 of which were kits).

I came home on Sunday and still scrapped on Monday night.  Crazy, I know.  I'm also attending a crop on Friday night from 3-10pm at Two Scrapbook Friends...thanks mom for watching the girls!

Here is my submission to the Two Scrapbook Friends April product challenge
I'm a horrible mom....when Laura fell in that puddle, I took the pictures before helping her up.  Looks good on the layout though, doesn't it?  Maybe that just makes me a scrapbooking mom.....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just wanted to share.

We are in day I have no idea of potty training. Océane has been doing really well with the pees but not really getting the #2 side of things. This morning she ran to the bathroom, saying she had to pee. The she started yelling "ca-ca". Well she finally got it! So we had to do the big potty dance. She asked for a treat and received a chocolate egg from easter. The big news here is that Laura is at school, so O actually got to eat it herself...she normally hands over the goods to Laura for whatever reason.

I am going to let you down here if you were expecting a picture (because I do take pictures of everything!), but not even I, could keep that for posterity. It's gone, flushed away....which makes me a very happy mom!

Since I haven't posted a pic of O, here is one from last Wednesday taken by Shelby at the Huron Nature Trail.